Tienken’s Take – April 2023

7 Styling Ideas for a Home That Sells

As we enter the spring season, you may be getting ready to sell your home. But if you’re not there yet, save this for when it’s time! Preparing to sell can be a stressful and daunting task. To help simplify it, follow our 7 tips! We’ve listed out our top styling ideas to create a home that sells. And, a tip to keep in mind as you go through your home — take an objective look at everything as if you were a buyer. Put your feelings and memories aside, and imagine you are seeing your home for the first time. What would you change?

01 First Impression: Step up your curb appeal with a freshly cut lawn, trimmed shrubs, seasonal flowers, and a power-washed driveway.

02 Plants, Plants: … and more plants! Add life to your home with plenty of healthy plants placed throughout.

03 Fresh Paint: Adding a fresh coat of paint can refresh your space and give it new life. Neutral colors all the way.

04 Sparkling Clean: Dust, clean, vacuum, and scrub your home, even inside cupboards. Buyers look everywhere.

05 Declutter: Only keep items that add function or beauty, and remove photos, so they can see themselves living there.

06 Style Focal Points: Style important areas of your home with quality items and homewares. Help them see the vision.

07 Light & Airy: Open windows, blinds, and curtains to let the natural light and air inside. A bright space is a welcoming space.


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