Tienken’s Take – October 2023

Mistakes People Make When Winterizing

The first step to winterizing your home is to start early. Winterizing is essentially preventative maintenance and should be done before temperatures drop to avoid problems. When it comes to winterizing your home, there are common mistakes homeowners make, which can lead to costly issues later on. Here are 8 of them to avoid to keep your home safe and sound during these colder months.

Skipping Out on Raking Leaves: With the colder weather here, you may avoid going outside and skip out on raking up leaves. However, this should remain a top priority. Forgotten leaves will decay and can result in mildew growth that can kill your grass. So, rake them up and your lawn will get the air and water it needs.

Forgetting Faucet Covers: Outdoor faucets are not exposed to the heat of your home, which makes faucet covers an essential item. They prevent issues, such as cold air getting inside your home and stopping faucets from freezing, and are inexpensive.

Waiting To Prune in Spring: While it may not seem like it, winter is the perfect time to prune your trees as it puts less stress on them and bare trees allow you to see the full structure.

Slacking on Mowing: While your lawn may be drying out, it doesn’t mean it’s ready for you to stop maintenance on it. A good rule of thumb is to stop mowing when your grass stops growing.

Leaving Trees Unprotected: Wrap young trees and trees with thin bark to protect them from sunscald. Sunscald is when the sun heats the tree during the day and then the drop to cold weather at night causes damage to the tree.

Ignoring Drafty Areas: Ensure cold air isn’t seeping in through windows or doors and causing a draft. It will force your heater to work harder and in turn, increase your bill. To seal, use weatherstripping or caulking around windows and doors.

Leaving the Lawn Unprepared: You should fertilize and aerate your lawn to give your yard the nutrients and fuel it needs to survive the winter months. Aeration helps to remove wet spots and creates drainage by reducing the compaction of the soil.

Keeping Furniture Outside: Furniture left outdoors can become a home for pests and be damaged by the cold weather. If you don’t have room to store your outdoor furniture inside, hide it away in your garage or storage shed, or purchase covers for them.


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