Tienken’s Take – January 2022

The Best Books We Read in 2021

While we all love real estate, our book taste spans the broad. Enjoy each of our favorite books from 2021. Whether you’re into crime or autobiographies, we’ve got you covered on some new reading recommendations!

Brian Tienken the principal broker

Brian Tienken

Principal Broker

Brian enjoyed Bad Blood by John Carreyrou. A fascinating true story of a Silicon Valley start up. He found it amazing to see how many smart people were fooled, & invested in it only to lose it all in the end. The founder rose to fame in the process.

Scott Tienken a broker on the team

Scott Tienken


Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey was Scott’s favorite in 2021. In it, you get to know how he thinks, how he grew up, what he went through & he enjoyed hearing the stories of his childhood. Matthew is reading it & does different impersonations.

Headshot of Cheri Williams a broker on the team

Cheri Williams


As Cheri’s last child went off to college this year, she found herself looking for new ways to connect with her 4 adult children. Doing Life With Your Adult Children by Jim Burns helped give a perspective on her role as a parent at this stage of her life, and what a flourishing relationship could look like with her kids in the near future.

Kim Tienken who heads the client relations and business development

Kim Tienken

Client Relations & Business Development

Kim’s favorite read in 2021 was The Last Green Valley by Mark Sullivan. It’s a story of grit & courage inspired by a true event. Fueled by a vision & determination, one family never gave up their dream to find a place to call home.

Vittoria Cassinelli the licensed transaction director and broker

Vittoria Cassinelli

Licensed Transaction Director & Broker

Her favorite book was The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson which was a great blend of history, entertainment, & crime. It’s a nonfiction book that reads like a fiction highlighting the architect behind the 1893 World’s Fair & the crime surrounding it.

Jennifer Rouse the marketing coordinator

Jennifer Rouse

Marketing Coordinator

Jennifer enjoyed reading Giftology by John Ruhlin this past year, because the book is not only beneficial for personal relationships but for work as well. John guides you on how and when to give meaningful gifts to those you cherish & those you want to grow strong relationships with.

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