Tienken’s Take – March 2022

How to Start Your Own Garden This Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to start planning for your garden! Whether you appreciate home grown produce or love the manual work that goes into taking care of your garden, you want to make sure you provide the proper care for your fruits, flowers, and vegetables to flourish. Make your grow-your-own dreams a reality with these easy-to-follow tips!

01 Decide What You Want to Grow: Focus on the fruits, vegetables, or herbs that you like to enjoy. Your #1 rule should be if you won’t eat it, don’t grow it.

02 Determine a Location to Start Your Garden: Your garden needs to be in a space that has enough sunlight. Most veggies and herbs need 6 hours of “full“ sunlight per day. Some vegetables and herbs can still grow in “part shade“ areas.

03 Plan Your Garden Beds: Once you know where you want your garden, you’ll need to choose the type and size of your garden bed(s). Make sure to give each plant enough room to grow.

04 Clean Your Gardening Tools: Clean your gardening tools to control disease and prevent transferring any bacteria or dangerous elements into your garden. Clean it regularly to make your plant more healthy.

05 Treat Your Soil and Refresh It Regularly: Check the quality of your garden soil and replace it when necessary. Fertilizing your garden is another method to keeping it healthy.

06 Destroy the Weeds: They can suffocate the roots of your healthy plants. It takes up space and resources that your plants could be using, so weeding your garden can keep it healthy.

07 Protect From Animals: Set up a barrier around your garden bed like a wire fence. It will help prevent animals. Wire fences also keeping your plants visible and exposed to the sun.

08 Plant With Care: Most seed packets and transplant containers come with basic planting instructions. Once you’ve done the ground work, you just need to jump in and plant!

09 Water Properly: Most vegetables and herbs need about 1 inch of water per week (more when it’s hot outside). Check the soil before watering by sticking your finger into it about an inch; if the soil is dry, then your plants need a drink.

Never gardened before? No problem.

These fruits and vegetables are the easiest to grow!

  zucchini           strawberries           raspberries           green beans           chives           blackberries

carrots           tomatoes           bell peppers

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