Tienken’s Take – May 2022

How to Declutter in Minutes

01 The Entryway: As the area you first step into when entering your home, it can easily collect a lot of clutter. However, it only takes a few minutes to straighten up the spot by picking up and returning items to their rightful places and putting coats, jackets, and shoes into the closet.

02 The Living Room: For an immediate revamp, straighten out couch pillows and neatly refold your throw blankets. Then pick up any items that don’t belong in the living room, such as toys, bags, etc., and return them to their correct location. Go through your magazines, books, and other reading materials and donate recycle those you no longer need.

03 The Kitchen: Load the dishwasher with dishes that have been sitting in the sink, and clear off countertops by tucking away any appliances that are not in use and moving unnecessary items into cabinets. Finally, neatly fold your dish towels for a tidier look.

04 The Bathrooms: Start by tucking away items on the countertops and close the shower curtain to conceal any bathtub clutter. Straighten up the items you leave on display (i.e. soap, towels, tissues), and then worry about what’s in those drawers later when you have more time to tackle them.


May Home Maintenance

May can be a crazy month, as it holds many events, such as graduation, the start of block parties, BBQs, and more. It can also feel like it begins the unofficial countdown to summer. Given that it can be quite a busy month for many, we are here to provide your May home maintenance list, so you what to add to your schedule.

  • Begin by washing away the winter grime. Do so by closing all windows and doors and covering the ground and hedges with plastic sheeting. Then hit the house with the garden hose and spot-clean heavily soiled areas.
  • Once your home’s exterior is clean, you can check for peeling or chipping paint. You may need a touch-up or a fresh coat. If you plan to hire a professional painter, make sure to schedule the job now so that the work gets done by the end of summer.
  • Winter is also hard on your deck, so it’s time to give a little attention to that area. Start by sweeping it clean and removing any leaves or debris between the boards. Next look for loose boards and tighten or replace the screws needed to keep them in place. Then, sprinkle water on the deck’s boards. If it beads up, your deck is in good shape. If it soaks in, you may want to consider resealing.

This list should keep you busy through the end of the month and set you up for a successful summer!

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