What Our Clients Say

Cat and Rachel

 “I felt like you truly listened to not only everything we were saying but also everything we were not saying. I was always amazed / comforted that as we went through the process you remembered small details of things we had mentioned, and helped us bridge together what we were seeing with what we wanted.  This was my first time, but from what I THOUGHT a Realtor would be like & what you delivered are VERY different. I thought a Realtor would try to sell me a house and up-sale me, not listen and truly help me make a good decision. My conception of a “Realtor” was someone who would push bells & whistles, NOT someone who would listen and be there to make sure I bought a GOOD house, a quality house, as well as a house emotionally I loved. I very much was treated as family, where I felt like you were there to represent us and help us make the absolute best decision for us. For that I am eternally thankful.  I felt well taken care of and protected during this entire process. It is easy to tell you care about your customers.”


“I consider working for Brian a gift because of his honesty and integrity. Thanks again for all your services.”

William S.

“Our daughter referred Brian to us after he did an awesome job for her.  My expectations were high and after our first meeting, I was convinced he would exceed them.   Brian, you are a man of great integrity.”

Heidi R

“Brian wasn’t just working for a commission, he really wanted to find a house that we really wanted.”

Julie C.

“Keeping in touch.  You wouldn’t expect someone that helped you buy a home would care about a long term relationship and it’s nice that you do!”

Brett L.

“You gave us an honest assessment of our situation. You were very upfront and candid from the beginning. Brian is ethical and hard working. He will help you make the best decision that is in your best interest. He is not just in it for a transaction.”

Pam B.

“A little skeptical at first…Past experiences were not positive with other agents. But you won me over! You blend the right amount of information and the time for clients to explore. You are easy-going, laid back, educated, informed, timely. We never felt pressured. You always followed through on any questions, paperwork, etc. Your ethics and integrity are exemplary.”

Bill S.

“Brian is a friendly and amazing agent. His customer service exceeds what we have experienced or heard from friends or other real estate agents.”

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