Tienken’s Take – September 2017: You Know You’re an Oregonian When…

It’s Pronounced “OAR-IH-GUHN” NOT “Or-Ee-Gone”

You Know You’re an Oregonian When…


You’ve taken pictures of your feet on the PDX airport carpet.

You live in one of the wettest states in the country and you don’t own an umbrella

Instead of saying you’re going to the beach, you say you’re going to the coast.

When you do go to the coast, you certainly don’t play in the ocean. Unless you brought your wetsuit.

You’ve learned to share the road with bicyclists. Especially during the Naked Bike Ride Parade.

You’ve seen the Unipiper casually rolling across the Burnside Bridge.

What Are Some of Your State Resident Identifiers?

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