First Tech Credit Union Named Best in Nation

Tienken Preferred Partners

At Tienken and Associates RE/MAX equity group, we believe in the power of the referral. In fact, most of our new clients come to us from previous clients. That means we worked hard for someone, delivered a result they loved, and in turn, they told a friend or family member about their positive experience. This same idea works in every industry. A job well done, can often be the strongest from of advertising.

Over the years we’ve developed a strong network of preferred partners who we know are trustworthy and reliable. Do you need a mechanic? An insurance broker? A general contractor? Chances are, we know someone great!

First Tech Credit Union Honored

Last month our preferred partner program received some positive reinforcement when Money Magazine named First Tech Credit Union the nation’s number one credit union in their Best Banks 2016-2017 list. In Money Magazine’s view, they earned this distinguished ranking because:

First Tech has the physical reach of a national bank, yet its sweetest account, Dividend Rewards Checking, pays a 1.57% yield—roughly 20 times higher than the average interest paid by traditional banks, according to MONEY’s analysis. In addition to First Tech’s 40 outposts, you get a massive set of 30,000 fee-free ATMs, plus access to the Co-Op network’s 5,000 partner credit union branches, where you can make withdrawals and deposits, buy money orders, and even submit loan payments.

That’s high praise from one of the nation’s leading money experts.

Mortgage Services You Can Trust

As you might imagine, we’ve worked with many mortgage lenders over the years. And in our experience, First Tech has always been top-notch. If you need a loan for your next property purchase, we agree with Money Magazine and highly recommend their work.

Contact Us for Other Recommendations

We’re happy to share information on any of our preferred partners, so if you have questions, please reach out. You can contact us by phone at (503) 495-3721 or you can send us a message here. We’re happy to help take the stress our of finding the perfect service provider.